Serene Sunroom and Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Looking for a new home is one of the most exciting and exhausting experiences in life. Our relator was great at pinpointing our likes and trying to check off as many “wants” on our wish list as possible while still meeting our budget.  A sunroom was never something that my husband and I had considered, but fell in absolute love with the space during the first walkthrough of the house. The room was well worn in. (That was an overly generous description). The carpet was heavily soiled and the room needed a facelift in the areas of a good cleaning, paint and copious amounts of TLC.  I just kept imagining how bright and beautiful we could make this space. It overlooks the inground pool in our back yard and I figured we would be using the sunroom a lot especially during the warmer months. I pictured having family and friends over and utilizing this space for dinners, brunches and BBQs. I envisioned my husband and I unwinding in this room after a long day listening to music or cozying up with a good book.

After giving the room a good cleaning the walls came up nicely. Since all four walls and were originally white, we painted one accent wall a bold blue to add a pop of color.  Next, we went to Home Depot to purchase a new indoor-outdoor carpet. The sunroom is heavily trafficked during the summer months so we went with a brown variegated carpet with super subtle hints of burnt orange. This inspired our color scheme for the room. At Home Depot we also purchased dark brown wicker furniture with dark blue cushions. I decided to go with orange accent pillows to compliment the deep blues and rich browns. During a stop at Ikea we found a long dark brown table with a bench seat and four chairs, which was a perfect addition to accommodate our family and friends.

Three of the most unique pieces in the room are my absolute favorite items in the sunroom. As a disclaimer, I usual go to HomeGoods at least once a week. What I love about HomeGoods is that they sell a lot of conversation pieces, but their prices are fairly reasonable.  At HomeGoods I purchased a metal coffee table with the face of a compass on the top. My second HomeGoods find was my Himalayan Salt Lamp, which is uniquely in the shape of an obelisk. For those of you who do not know the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps they are said to have many such as possibly improving air quality, bringing about tranquil feelings, soothing allergies and improving mood. I love the low light that it gives off and I practice yoga often in this space so I find the soft glow to be peaceful. My third and final piece was found at my local thrift shop. It is a white elephant table that I use as an end table. Elephants are my favorite animal and when I stumbled upon this find at the thrift store I knew that I had to locate a place for it in my home. The sunroom was the perfect place for this conversation piece to go. Many of my guests will often address the elephant in the room:)

Luckily, we are able to use the sunroom year round. While its true that the room gets most of its use during the spring and summer months, we bought a fireplace space heater to use for the winter months. The space heater quickly heats up the room and we used it often during the winter. It has become the center of the home to me due to the amount of people we entertain and the light and laughter it has offered to us this year.