DIY Furniture Facelift

Taking risks in life are often defining moments whether they are big or small. Two of my rules in life are to take risks in fashion and at least with one aspect of a room when designing it. Many people like to have artwork be their object to showcase in a room and I have done that as well, but when planning to decorate a hallway sometimes you need to be a little more creative to actively “own” this space.

I have a rulebook that I proverbially break out when shopping at secondhand furniture stores in terms of the two types of furniture that I look for. Rule #1: If the furniture is in good condition and has a unique history that it wears proudly never tamper with its integrity by renovating it. Rule #2: If the furniture is the right price, has seen better days, and is salvageable in terms of renovation purchase it and have fun with it.  DIY furniture renovation is a hobby that is often learned through a trial and error basis so my best advice is that you do your research about how you want your piece to look and start with a small piece or a simple piece to test your abilities. My favorite medium to use to give my thrifty finds a makeover is chalk paint. When I first did my research on chalk paint it seemed almost too good to be true. I, however, was still hesitant, but after using chalk paint it is certifiably fool proof.  I love how many different colors it comes in and how nicely it covers the furniture. If you want the piece to have a more vintage look you can always experiment with stains to give the chalk paint an aged effect and/or lightly rough up the furnitures edges with sandpaper. The piece is a blank canvas so have no fear and have fun with it.

I purchased the table pictured for $20.00 at a local thrift shop. I wanted an attention grabbing color since I planned on putting the table in my upstairs hallway. After going to my local craft store and looking at their selection of chalk paints, I decided to go with a bright green color labeled “Irish” and used the brand Folk Art Chalk Paint .On the front drawers I used a decoupage map and changed the dated hardware on the drawer with handles from Home Depot.  See the link in text to check out the chalk paint brand that I used and to explore the selection of colors.


Before DIY


diy table.jpg




Zen Dining Den

The dining room was the first room that we tackled when we purchased our home. It was painted an eggshell opaque and had a dated floral border along the top of the wall. The chandelier was colonial in style and was the original lighting from when the house was constructed. I saw so much potential in this large dining space and could not wait to get started making this space my own.

Since it is our formal dining room I wanted to create a sophisticated space that also incorporated hints of my zen boho style. I did not want to choose an overpowering color in this room so I went with a sand color that has hues of light gold and green depending on the lighting. I felt the color was calming and added tranquility to the room. The first piece of furniture that I purchased for the room was the trestle dining table. I love the richness that the dark wood exuded and the leather on the chairs added elegance to the set. At the head of each end of the table I decided to buy fabric chairs from HomeGoods to add a pop of color. Tufted furniture always is a chic addition to any space.

Our buffet is a vintage American of Martinsville piece from a local thrift shop. It is a conversation piece with its wicker, bamboo and Asian style elements. The mirror is a focal point placed above the buffet and was another HomeGoods find along with my Turkish lanterns. The lanterns have battery operated candles in them, which look real when lit since the flicker and add a sense of mystery  and romance when the lights are dim. The light fixture is a sphere chandelier with crystals, which was also bought at HomeGoods. The two abstract pieces of art were both purchased at our local Lowes. ​